What is SALUS?

The SALUS system is a combination of world beating and world first technologies intended to produce the cleanest surfaces possible in the 21st Century. Launched in 2017, SALUS is the culmination of years of research, trails and testing and has already proven to be more effective than the most effective disinfection methods available today.

SALUS includes;

  • The world’s only portable, real time total bacteria and specific virus tests.
  • The world’s most powerful portable UV system, with unique scanning technology.
  • The world’s most effective persistent (worlds only 5th generation SiQuat) antimicrobial skin and surface antimicrobials.
  • The world’s only positively charged cordless electrostatic spray system.
  • The world’s only surface disinfectant to be regulated as a Medical Device Class 1.

The graph below shows how effective SALUS is in comparison to the next best available today.


The system uses the most sensitive live bacteria test available today to ensure that we understand what levels of bio burden are in the room prior to treatment/ disinfection. Once treated, we then test again to ensure that we have achieved the best possible results from our surface sanitation. The test is far more accurate than standard tests which may give false negative results. One of the most important, but frequently overlooked tests is the test “over time”. All standard tests look at time periods of up to 5 mins from surface treatment, we recommend this is done up to 12 hours after, dependant when the room is to be used again. SALUS includes both long term persistent disinfection and short term “flash disinfection” using UV-C light. The combination of these two technologies has proven to be vastly more effective than recommended non persistent disinfectants that are currently used to clean our hospitals.