What is Q Shield

Q Shield is a family of antimicrobial products that use the same basic antimicrobial components.
The essential differences between Q Shield and other antimicrobials are that;

  1. It is persistent on any surface including skin, glass, ceramics and metal.
  2. There are no known resistant strains of bacteria, virus or fungi.
  3. It has better antimicrobial kill than all the leading brands available today, which has been proven by independent laboratories.

Q Shield is in use in it’s many forms in many countries around the world in hospitals and restaurants to schools, gyms, gold mines and private homes. There seems to be no limit to it’s uses or value to those that use it regularly.

The Q Shield family of products include, hand sanitisers, hard surface sprays and wipes as well as a Bio fog.  It is also used to protect the surfaces of hospital equipment from the potential damage that can be caused by micro organisms which is why it is now classified as a medical device. The only product of its kind in the world to achieve this level of regulation.

It is simply the best product of its kind in the world and is recommended by Microbiologists and Nurses who specialise in infection control, across the world.