Q Shield in use in Denmark

Q Shield used in Danish clinicRanders: A touch in the physiotherapist’s hand, treatment at the bar and perhaps a strenuous walk on the treadmill. Bacteria and other microorganisms can quickly multiply in a busy clinic, but it is now a stop at FysioDanmark Randers.

The clinic, in addition to 21 treatment rooms, also offers clients training in a larger training center, has entered into a hygiene cooperation with the peripheral company PureClean.

It will improve the current cleaning and hygiene and ensure the safety of the clients. “We are very focused on quality – both in our physiotherapeutic work, but also in the environment that we and our clients use daily. Therefore it is important that both cleaning and hygiene are top,” says Mikael G. Jørgensen, clinician at FysioDanmark Randers.

The new products that will ensure both clients and employees a cleaner and more hygienic clinic, called Q-Shield and coming from England. In Scandinavia, the products are sold by the peripheral company PureClean, located in Dronningborg.

“Daily, we have about 150 clients through our clinic and training center, and several of them are sick or in other places. With the new standard, we help ensure that our clients have minimal risk of getting unwanted microorganisms when they are treated or trained with us,” says Mikael G. Jørgensen, clinician at FysioDanmark Randers.

Aside from the fact that the new hygiene products are to be used in daily hygiene control, the staff must also use them for hand hygiene in the future.

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