Pupils take part in a workshop on hand hygiene

Pupils at Coleby Church of England Primary School in Lincolnshire took part in an assembly, followed by a workshop on hand hygiene and the immune system for years 5 and 6.

The National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE) recently published new guidelines recommending all children and young people should be taught the importance of hand washing to prevent and manage infection. It is hoped that this will have a knock-on effect and help the ongoing battle against antimicrobial resistance. Many people do not realise that diseases which are caused by viruses and fungi can also develop a resistance in the same way bacteria develops a resistance to antibiotics.

Dr Andrew Kemp PhD (Bio) from Q Biotechnologies, based in the Sparkhouse Building at the University of Lincoln, conducted a recent study into the efficacy of alcohol gels, soap and water and persistent disinfectants for killing bacteria on the hands. Results have shown that on alcohol treated hands the bacteria count after one hour is more than double that of the group that were hand wash only. Hands treated with Q Shield  showed a close to zero bacteria count after one hour, as was expected from a persistent hand sanitizer.

Dr Kemp said;

“The kids at Coleby were brilliant, they had been learning about the Black Death last term which gave them a great foundation for learning more about the immune system and how your body responds to infection.”

“Good hand hygiene is the single most important thing a person can do to prevent infection. It is important to help children understand that bacteria can be spread from surface to surface by touch, and how the decision to wash their hands at the right time will benefit more than just themselves.”

“We decided to offer these free educational talks because we are passionate about infection prevention, developing good hand hygiene practices from a young age is the best way to do that. Schools do not have the money or resources to deliver these sessions themselves so we are happy to help.”