Profile 1

Profile 1 Real Time Viable Bacteria Testing

Features At A Glance


  • Provides reliable, real-time detection of bacteria.
  • More accurate than a 48-hour culture in less than five minutes.
  • Hand-held, battery powered
  • Simple to use

For more than 100 years we have relied on laboratories to culture bacteria in incubators for varying lengths of time from 24 hours onwards.  The latest and best laboratories still only capture around 30% of the available bacteria in this way. For a long time this has been the only way of knowing if live bacteria were present and what species of bacteria were present at least 24 hours ago.

For around 10 years or so, the introduction of “real time” ATP tests has given a poor indication of the presence of live bacteria.  “Poor”, because the only worthwhile test result with an ATP test is a zero count. Even then this could be as a result of a problem with the swab, or the test kit.  With no way of knowing the answer to questions like “of the resultant RLU count, how much is bacteria?” the value of these tests has always been debateable.

The recent introduction of “real time” PCR tests has reduced the length of time we wait to know if bacteria are living on surfaces to around 2 – 3 hours, but we still have to rely on expensive equipment in the laboratory to conduct the test.

Military Grade Technology

Just prior to the Gulf war, an American immunologist working for the US military developed enzymes that allowed the US Marine corps to have an “in field” “real time” test kit for live bacteria in time for the war.  Simplified and modernised by the military over the years, those enzymes and equipment now form part of the first and only “real time” live bacteria test equipment available to organisations outside the military.

Q Technologies Group is delighted to introduce the Profile One, 5 minute live bacteria test.  Based on the Bio warfare early warning systems that produce a result in less than 5 minutes, this inexpensive, easy to use, portable kit allows the user to know levels of live bacterial contamination on surfaces, in water or the air in time to deal with them before they become a problem.  In health care it allows a quick and accurate determination of the effectiveness of surface cleaning. In food production it can reduce the number of times equipment is removed from the production line and cleaned only to find no culture growth 24 hours later.

Easy to use

The Profile One comes complete with everything you need to start testing immediately

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