Innovation in hand hygiene reduces pupil absence by 37%

Q Biotechnologies Ltd, Lincoln is celebrating a 37% reduction in pupil absence after introducing Q Shield into Burford Primary School, Nottingham over the 16/17 school year.

Q Shield, a 5th generation Si-Quat was developed by Dr Andrew Kemp, Q Biotechnologies Principle Scientific Officer. Dr Kemp said, “We are really pleased with the results, it is the first time we have measured the impact of using Q shield on school age children to reduce sickness over a full school year”

“80% of communicable diseases are transmitted by touch, we know children do not wash their hands as often as they should. We also know public services are stretched to their limit every winter dealing with illnesses like Norovirus and Flu.

“We can’t know for sure if the person next to us is washing their hands at the right time or if it is even a realistic target for staff and pupils in a busy school to practice correct hand hygiene 100% of the time. What we can do is protect ourselves by reducing the number of germs we are spreading from surface to surface and person to person.”

For more information about Q Shield for schools click here.