Air Sentry®

Airsentry® exceeds all mandatory clean air regulations at a fraction of the cost of any other system 

Airsentry® is in use to supplement these medical work areas and does so in the following ways:

ITU – Used in ICU / PICU / Isolation the systems protect both patients and staff –
wearing PPE in a negative pressure isolation room is required because negative pressure protects those outside the room, not those within it. Airsentry® is able to reduce this risk by maintaining an ultra clean air environment within the room thus reducing the risk of pathogens landing on or being inhaled by staff or patients.


OR –
Airsentry® is in use to supplement existing older air handling units – the system correctly used can allow a ‘failing’ OR to exceed current HTM 03.01.a requirements on air safety.

A&E and any ward area
Airsentry® can be deployed to reduce risk from air transported MRSA, C.Diff, Swine Flu, Ebola, Avian Flu, MR TB etc easily in any ward area. It is also able to offer both positive and negative pressure differential. The system can also accept external air input so that temperature and humidity managed air can be passed through it.



Airsentry® complies with HTM 03.01A, indeed it far exceeds it often producing ISO Clean room levels equivalent to ISO 5, suitable for microchip manufacture. The system is used as the sole air handling unit in several private sector OR areas regulated by the Quality Care Commission.

All Airsentry® systems are truly modular.

Client requirements can be met by extending the system using individual modules.

Current modules offer:

  • Positive Pressure
  • Negative Pressure
  • Switchable Pressure
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air pressure Monitoring
  • Air Particle Counts
  • Temperature Management*
  • Humidity Management*
  • Radiation counting*


For further information contact QUEISCO on 0033 607 051 788