Q Biotechnologies Ltd is a progressive organisation that develops, manufactures and distributes under exclusive license, products for disease prevention.
Our portfolio includes rapid and accurate testing, persistent surface and skin disinfectants and capital equipment.

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Surgical skin prep: What effect does it really have?

Dr Andrew Kemp PhD (Bio), Dr Vanessa Hodgkinson MBBS, BSc, FRCA, FFPMRCA and Miss A Bugg MSc (Microbiology) explore the comparative effect on skin bacterial counts of three surgical skin preparations. read more

Bacteria becoming resistant to hospital disinfectants, warn scientists

The alcohol-based handrubs that hospitals use to prevent infection are becoming less effective, research has shown read more

Q Shield in use in Denmark

We are very focused on quality - both in our physiotherapeutic work, but also in the environment that we and our clients use daily. Therefore it is important that both cleaning and hygiene are top, says Mikael G. Jørgensen, clinician at FysioDanmark Randers. read more

How clean are your tea towels?

Dr Andrew Kemp joined Mark Dennison on BBC Radio Nottingham to find out read more

Alcohol gels: the end of an era?

Dr Andrew Kemp PhD (Bio) et al take a retrospective and prospective view of the use of alcohol gels as hand sanitisers in healthcare. read more
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