Q Biotechnologies Ltd is a progressive organisation that develops, manufactures and distributes under exclusive license, products for disease prevention.
Our portfolio includes rapid and accurate testing, persistent surface and skin disinfectants and capital equipment.

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Hospital disinfectants should be regulated like antibiotics new study suggests

Hospital disinfectants should be regulated like antibiotics new study suggests Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock Karolin Hijazi, University of Aberdeen Bacterial resistance to two disinfectants used in large amounts to control the spread of hospital infections is strongly associated with resistance to several antibiotics used to treat common infections, our latest study shows. Our analysis, published in Nature Microbiology, focused on resistance to disinfectants in Staphylococcus epidermidis. This bacteria read more

Q Shield are proud to announce sponsorship of the Nottingham Moderns RFC u11 squad 2018/2019

We are pleased to announce Q Shield is a 2018/19 sponsor for the u11 squad at Nottingham Moderns RFC. Dr Andrew Kemp, CEO Q Biotechnologies Ltd, said β€œIt is important for young people to learn discipline and have regular exercise. As a life-long supporter of rugby, I am proud that our Q Shield brand will be supporting local junior rugby by partnering with the NMRFC and sponsoring their u11 squad.” read more

‘Prevention better than cure in healthcare’ – health secretary says

Stopping people falling into poor health will become a fundamental focus of the long-term plan for the NHS, Matt Hancock says. People are being encouraged to take more responsibility for managing their own health, as part of the government’s NHS strategy focusing on prevention. Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock announced on Monday a green paper entitled ‘Prevention is better than cure’, outlining the vision for a “new 21st read more

A new era in bacterial detection for healthcare?

Dr Andrew Kemp PhD, principal scientific officer at Q Technologies group, University of Lincoln, believes Bacteria Specific Rapid Metabolic Assay (BSRMA) could take us a step closer to a new era in bacterial detection. read more

Surgical skin prep: What effect does it really have?

Dr Andrew Kemp PhD (Bio), Dr Vanessa Hodgkinson MBBS, BSc, FRCA, FFPMRCA and Miss A Bugg MSc (Microbiology) explore the comparative effect on skin bacterial counts of three surgical skin preparations. read more
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